CRIMj 465

Lesson Activities

There are two discussion questions for this lesson. After you have posted your answers to the questions, don't forget to read and respond to the rest of the class postings.

discussion forum Discussion Question One

Using the steps for analyzing an ethical dilemma (pp. 25-25), consider Situation 3 (pp. 29-30 Topic: Mercy killing).  Based on the facts given, what would be your decision? 

Post your answers to the Ethical Dilemma Discussion Forum. Make sure you identify the five steps of ethical analysis as you defend your answer.

discussion forum Discussion Question Two

Which paradigm of law do you believe best describes the role of law in society? 

Post your answers to the Law Paradigm Discussion Forum. Be sure to discuss the strengths of the paradigm you chose in addition to the weaknesses of the paradigm not chosen as you defend your answer.