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Weekly Discussion Format

This week, discussion will again be conducted in your team forums. However, you will not be asked to post summaries and discussion questions to an all-class forum this week.

Discussion Questions

As before, the questions below are meant to be discussion starters. Feel free to pose different questions to the group. We will be monitoring the forums and will provide guidance as necessary.

  1. Hansman and Mott suggest that "the definition of adult is...culturally and socially derived" or socially constructed. How can adulthood be socially constructed? What does it mean to say that something is "socially constructed"?
  2. Boucouvalas and Lawrence present a number of theories that have been advanced to explain adult learning. Which do you think most closely explains you as an adult learner? Is there one that definitely does not reflect your practical experience, either as a learner or educator? What reasons can you think of as to why it might not "fit" you or your teaching situation?
  3. Formal theory has been tested by research and represents the current "best fit" explanation for a particular phenomenon. Informal theory emerges an as explanation for some aspect of people's professional practice or their day-to-day activities. Can you think of an example of an informal theory that you have developed as an educator, or for some other aspect of your life?
  4. What is your reaction to Foley's emphasis on the idea that good teaching must be grounded in the passionate dedication of the teacher to his or her values?
  5. Brookfield proposes that becoming a "critically reflective practioner" is an important goal for adult educators. What is your understanding of how that would operate in your own teaching context?

That's it for this lesson! Be sure to check the Course Schedule section of our Course Syllabus, as well as the Professor's Forum frequently to make sure you are up-to-date..